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Colette Delargy is a qualified teacher who has specialised in maths for 25 years: teaching, training teachers, advising in schools and presenting maths workshops to parents.  She now runs her own maths centre (MathsBuddy) for students mainly in the primary sector as well as working in primary and post-primary schools to help students understand and learn maths.  She has trialled all the materials on this site to find the most effective which help makes maths both enjoyable and stress free. 

Over the years Colette has found that success in maths definitely increases when the fear disappears. 

Publications by Colette:

Developing Early Mental Maths:

MathsBuddy 50 Grid Activities for Kids

Multiplication games designed for older students and those with visual problems:

MathsBuddy 'Snap' 2s & 4's

MathsBuddy 'Snap' 3s & 6's

MathsBuddy 'Snap' 4s & 8's

MathsBuddy 'Snap' 5s & 10's


Mental Maths and Place Value:

MathsBuddy 'Snap' X-treme <100


Colette has recently been awarded a commendation in her study of Autism through Queens University, Belfast.



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